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Ladies of Harley

Long gone are the days when many women were content with riding a motorcycle as a passenger. It is more common now than ever to see a woman with her hands on the handle bars rather than around the motorcycle operator’s waist. With that in mind, The Harley Owners Group created the Ladies of Harley. The Ladies of Harley is an important part of any Chapter and sponsors many fund raising activities. Fund raising activities aren’t the only things they do, they lead rides to many interesting sites and organize Meet & Greets with other Ladies of Harley Chapters, but most of all they have fun! Ladies of Harley events aren’t exclusive to women, men can attend and ride, they just have to remember that the Ladies are in charge.

The Ladies of Harley of Cajun H.O.G.® Chapter 1681 is proud to raise funds for Miles Perret Cancer Services and also puts on a pretty impressive Christmas Party for the kids.

Joining the Ladies of Harley is so very easy. All you need to be is a Full or Associate member of the Harley Owners Group. You can then activate your Ladies of Harley membership through the Harley Owners Group at no cost. Next you’ll want to join Cajun H.O.G.® Chapter 1681, after that it’s just a matter of showing up. Meetings are held in the H.O.G.® room at Cajun Harley-Davidson on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

For more information, you can contact Tenneal Latiolais by emailing her at cajungirl232003@yahoo.com.