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10 Rides for '20

It’s a great big country we live in, with countless outstanding rides to challenge your skills and elevate your experience. Picking just 10 of the best is a tall order, but every year Harley-Davidson will do just that, giving you 10 great opportunities to expand your riding horizons. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next unforgettable experience now. To participate reference the rules for the rides.

10 Rides for '20 | Ride 1

Avery Point Lighthouse | Groton, Connecticut | 62 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Situated along the rocky shores of Long Island Sound, Avery Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1943 on the grounds of the former U.S. Coast Guard Training Station in Avery Point. Previously the estate of a wealthy industrialist, the site is now the Avery Point Campus of the University of Connecticut, where the 41-foot octagonal tower sits at the shoreline on the southern edge of the campus. Scenic roads abound in this part of the state, and our recommended route includes Connecticut State Route 169 National Scenic Byway. Starting at the Massachusetts border and running south through the state’s Eastern Uplands region, you’ll ride through rolling hills and historic colonial towns and past miles of stone wall-lined fields; the region is rich in history and natural beauty.

Check-in Location: Find visitor parking on the UConn campus, and follow the walkway to the lighthouse. Your photo should include the lighthouse structure.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 2

Donner Pass | 9 miles west of Truckee, California | 160 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

A chill wind blew over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains during the winter of 1846-1847. Snowdrifts up to 20 feet deep trapped a westwardbound wagon train led by the Donner brothers. The group was forced to spend the winter at what is now Donner Lake, near today’s Donner Pass. Battling starvation, they slaughtered their cattle and oxen to survive, and when food ran out, they reportedly resorted to cannibalism. Obviously, Donner Pass can be a pretty inhospitable place in wintertime, but is quite biker-friendly the rest of the year. Start your journey in the historic town of Truckee, just northwest of Lake Tahoe. Head west on Donner Pass Road — also called Old Highway 40 — past Donner Lake and Donner Pass. From there, travel the Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway, a 175-mile loop through Tahoe National Forest and several historic gold rush towns in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Check-in Location: Donner Memorial Bridge (also known as Rainbow Bridge or Donner Summit Bridge): The concrete arch span, constructed during the 1920s, overlooks Donner Lake. Park at the scenic pullout at the east end of the bridge, and include all or part of the bridge in your photo.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 3

Bonneville Salt Flats | Northwest Utah, off I-80 near the Nevada border | 232 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

The Bonneville Salt Flats should be familiar to all motorsports enthusiasts. Its thick salt crust — the remnants of a huge Pleistoceneera lake — provides the ideal flat surface for record-breaking speed runs. Since 1914, racers from around the world have come to Bonneville to satisfy an ever-increasing need for speed. The Salt Flats are located off Exit 4 on Interstate 80, about 120 miles west of Salt Lake City. Our recommended route begins in Woodruff in the northeastern corner of the state on UT-39 along the Ogden River Scenic Byway. Running along the Ogden River and through narrow Ogden Canyon, this route takes you through Ogden and Salt Lake City before continuing west to Bonneville Salt Flats.

Check-in Location:  At Exit 4 (marked “Bonneville Speedway”), ride north on Leppy Pass Road for about 1 mile, then turn right onto Bonneville Speedway Access Road and travel 4 miles until the pavement ends, where you’ll find the welcome sign.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 4

The Archway | Kearney, Nebraska | 172 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Westward ho, pioneers! The Archway in Kearney, Nebraska, celebrates the pioneering spirit of generations of travelers who crossed the state on their journey west. Dedicated in 2000 as the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument (and later shortened to simply “The Archway”), the 308-foot structure spans Interstate 80 3 miles east of Kearney. With its displays and dioramas showcasing westward expansion, the Archway is the only museum to straddle an interstate highway. Start your journey to the Archway with a jaunt through the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway, which traces the paths of the North, Middle and South Loup rivers through rural central Nebraska.

Check-in Location: The Archway span: Take Exit 275 off Interstate 80, and park in the attraction’s lot. (Do not stop on the interstate highway!) Your photograph should include all or part of the Archway spanning the highway.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 5

Black Mountain | Harlan County, Kentucky | 168 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

In the heart of the Appalachian coal region, Kentucky’s Black Mountain sits at the highest point in the state at 4,145 feet. A narrow, paved road winds close to the summit. Black Mountain Ridge Road is accessible off State Route 160 between Lynch, Kentucky, and Appalachia, Virginia. Traveling from Lynch, look for the turnoff on the right just before the state line. Our recommended route takes you over the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway, a national scenic byway running through Daniel Boone National Forest and leading to Cumberland Gap. At the Gap, be sure to ride Pinnacle View Road to the scenic overlook, which offers spectacular views of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

Check-in Location: Highway sign on Black Mountain Ridge Road: “Black Mountain, Elevation 4,145 Ft.”


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 6

USS Alabama | Mobile, Alabama | 164 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

The “Mighty A,” as the USS Alabama is known, performed valiantly in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters during World War II. Commissioned in August 1942, the 45,000-ton battleship earned nine battle stars for meritorious service in the war. Now preserved for the enjoyment and appreciation of generations to come, the USS Alabama is the centerpiece of Mobile’s Battleship Memorial Park. Our suggested route starts at Battleship Memorial Park and follows the path of Alabama’s Coastal Connection National Scenic Byway. You’ll pass historic military forts and Gulf Coast beaches and fishing ports, and take a ferry across Mobile Bay. (See MOBILEBAYFERRY.COM for schedule and cost.)

Check-in Location: Battleship Memorial Park sign: A military jet sits atop a concrete base marked “Battleship Memorial Park” at the entrance off U.S. 98. You do not need to enter the parking lot unless you intend to visit the battleship; if so, parking and entry fees apply. See USSALABAMA.COM for details.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 7

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse | Buxton, North Carolina | 180 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Shining brightly to warn sailors of the treacherous Diamond Shoals off the North Carolina coastline, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was constructed in 1870 to replace the original 1804 light station, which was destroyed during the Civil War. Rising 208 feet into the sky, Cape Hatteras Light is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. Its black and white spiral stripes are a distinctive feature of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Our suggested route includes two scenic highways: Pamlico Scenic Byway and Outer Banks Scenic Byway. Pamlico runs along Pamlico River and Sound, and Outer Banks Byway crosses North Carolina’s barrier islands, offering sun-splashed views of the Atlantic Ocean, nature and wildlife preserves and small historic towns.

Check-in Location: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Your photo should include the lighthouse itself.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 8

Beavertail Lighthouse | Jamestown, Rhode Island | 35 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Beavertail Lighthouse stands proudly on the rocky shores of Beavertail Point, located at the tip of Jamestown’s Conanicut Island on the grounds of Beavertail State Park. The 64-foot-tall structure, built in 1856, is constructed of granite and separates the east and west passages of Narragansett Bay. Our route begins at Ocean State H-D® Shop in Exeter and runs through a very rural and scenic part of the state along Ten Rod Road — where you’ll find brilliant foliage during fall — before crossing the Jamestown Bridge over Narragansett Bay to Jamestown and Beavertail.

Check-in Location: Beavertail Lighthouse: The lighthouse is located at the end of Beavertail Road in Beavertail State Park. (There is no park entry fee.) Your photo should include the lighthouse building itself.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 9

Portland Head Lighthouse | Cape Elizabeth, Maine | 281 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Portland Head Light is Maine’s oldest lighthouse. Commissioned by George Washington in 1787 and completed in 1791, the beacon sits along Casco Bay, Portland Harbor’s main shipping channel. The stone and brick light station is among the most photographed of Maine’s roughly 65 lighthouses. Our recommended route leads north along Maine’s rocky seacoast. Breathing in the fresh salt air, you’ll ride through historic small towns and fishing villages, and maybe stop for lunch at one of the state’s numerous lobster shacks. Along the way, you’ll probably want to take in Acadia National Park, one of the challenges on H.O.G.’s 50 Rides, One Nation program.

Check-in Location: Portland Head Lighthouse: Located within Fort Williams Park, the lighthouse has metered parking nearby. Your photo should include the lighthouse building itself.


10 Rides for '20 | Ride 10

Route 60 | Millville, Minnesota | 104 Miles | H-D.com/RidePlanner

Minnesota’s Historic Bluff Country — named for the scenic bluffs along the mighty Mississippi River — encompasses the Mississippi River Valley’s lush southeastern region. Spring Creek Motocross Park, located off MN-60, lies within that area and is home to the famous Spring Creek National Motocross race. Start your ride at Faribault Harley-Davidson® in Faribault, and head east on MN-60 through Zumbrota. The 35-mile stretch of MN-60 from Zumbrota to the Wisconsin state line near Wabasha is particularly scenic, running through portions of the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood Forest. The motocross park is located off County Route 11, about halfway between Wabasha and Zumbrota. For a scenic loop, continue south on 11 through Millville, then north on US-63, returning to MN-60, and continue east to Wabasha.

Check-in Location: Spring Creek Motocross Park: Your photograph should include the park’s entry sign.