Our Cajun Chapter Policy is to:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Alert
  • Be Aware
  • Use Common Sense
  • Be Courteous
  • Ride a safe ride!


Impairment Policy: 

The consumption and use of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety of family, riding friends and the individual HOG member. Alcohol consumption before or during a motorcycling activity is not safe, responsible behavior. Cajun Chapter #1681 does not allow the use of alcohol or drugs before or during a riding event* and does not furnish alcohol at Chapter rides. Riders whose skills are observed or suspected to be impaired by alcohol or drugs before riding cannot join the ride. Riders using alcohol or drugs while riding will be asked to leave the ride. It is the responsibility of each Cajun Chapter member to support the consistent enforcement of this policy

*NOTE: The Lead Road Captain will announce that the ride is over at the official end of the ride. In some cases this may be prior to the final destination or before returning to the start point. The Road Captains will no longer lead the ride and all riders will be responsible for riding individually from that time on.


Cajun H.O.G. Discount Policy:

Cajun H.O.G was created to allow people who share a passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles to come together where you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, have fun, support worthy causes, and ride! We at Cajun Harley-Davidson offer the Chapter members a discount* as a way to show our appreciation to the many loyal H.O.G. members for their support of the local H.O.G Chapter and the Dealership who regularly participate in the Chapter’s events and for making this the best Chapter possible – one we can all be proud of.


As a token of our appreciation, Cajun Harley-Davidson is happy to provide a courtesy 10% discount* to those local H.O.G. members who maintain an “Active” status. “Active” membership is maintained by a verified point system. 10 Points per quarter are needed. Points are obtained by attending local H.O.G.-sponsored functions during the previous quarter. These events, which include meetings, closed Chapter functions, and fundraising runs, are listed in the local H.O.G. newsletter. Event attendance is determined by the individual’s signature on a H.O.G “Sign-In Sheet” or event registration form. Those who are already national H.O.G. members joining the local chapter are offered a 10% discount* for a three-month period from the enrollment date, during which time the new member must obtain the necessary points by attending published local H.O.G.-sponsored events. The H.O.G. primary officers will resolve any attendance discrepancies in a fair and equitable manner. Their decision is final. To receive said discount for this quarter, members must obtain at least 10 points the previous quarter.

*   Discount applies to the following items: parts, accessories and general merchandise.

** Excludes: labor, primed/painted parts, engines and transmissions, collision repair parts, frames, keys, printed literature and sale items.
      Dealer also reserves the right to exclude other certain items.