50 Rides One Nation

Ride 365 - 50 Rides, One Nation

Fifty great states, 50 life-changing rides. From the mountains of California, to the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana, to the Natchez Trace in Mississippi, to the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, it’s one mind-blowing mile after another, worthy of any rider’s bucket list. The more you ride, the bigger the experience, so don’t wait to get things rolling. To take this journey reference the rules for the rides.


Ride Guide

What do you earn?

  • Digital Badge (site specific) for each of the 50 Rides, One Nation.
  • Challenge Coin (site specific) for each of the 50 Rides, One Nation.

Complete all 50 Rides, One Nation and earn each of the following:

  • Large, 6 inch, Rivet installed at Harley-Davidson Museum
  • Small, 3 inch, Rivet with display for home


Challenge Check-In Locations:

1 | Alabama | Lookout Mountain Parkway | Gadsen, AL to the Alabama-Georgia Border | 59 Miles

Lookout Mountain and its namesake Parkway run nearly 100 miles through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. That’s one long mountain! A network of country roads traces the ridge, past canyons, waterfalls, and state and national parks and preserves. Alabama’s portion of the parkway meanders 59 miles through the northeastern corner of the state. Starting at Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, head north on the parkway toward Collinsville and Fort Payne. Fort Payne sits along the infamous Trail of Tears, in which thousands of Native Americans perished during their forced removal in the 1830s.

Checkpoint Location | Fort Payne Cabin Historic Site sign: located near the intersection of Gault St. South and 4th St. in Fort Payne, on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.


2 | Alaska | Richardson Highway | Valdez to Fairbanks, AK | 363 Miles

As the first road through America’s last frontier, Alaska’s Richardson Highway began as a pack trail in the late 1890s, bringing fortune seekers to the Klondike goldfields in the state’s interior. Paved in 1957, the highway features some of the state’s most breathtaking scenery, including glaciers, waterfalls, towering mountain ranges, and green valleys. Bridal Veil Falls, Keystone Canyon, Thompson Pass, and Worthington Glacier rank among its many highlights. Richardson Highway is primarily a two-lane, changing to four lanes near Fairbanks. On the road, watch for wildlife, frost heaves, and frost sinks. You’ll want to travel on a sunny, clear day for viewing the best scenery.

Checkpoint Location | Thompson Pass, ELEV 2678’ highway sign: located about 30 miles northeast of Valdez on AK-4 N.


3 | Arizona | Coronado Trail Scenic Byway | Clifton to Springerville, AZ | 120 Miles

Arizona’s Coronado Trail Scenic Byway just might be the ultimate thrill ride. With more than 400 curves and precious few guardrails, US-191 winds through mountainous high desert and the Apache- Sitgreaves National Forest in southeastern Arizona. A National Scenic Byway, Coronado Trail has been nicknamed the “Devil’s Highway” due to its previous designation as US-666. Named for Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who traversed the area in 1540 on a quest for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola, this lightly traveled trail is well worth discovering yourself!

Checkpoint Location | Historic Train Depot building in Clifton: Clifton sits at the south end of the Coronado Trail. Its train depot was constructed in 1901 and today houses the city’s visitor center. Your photo should include all or part of the depot building.


4 | Arkansas | Pig Trail Scenic Byway | North of White Oak to Brashears, AR | 19.5 Miles

In a state renowned for great motorcycle roads, Pig Trail Scenic Byway stands heads and “tails” above the rest. Nestled within the hills and hollows of northwest Arkansas, the byway meanders 19 miles through the lush greenery of Ozark National Forest. No one knows exactly how the Pig Trail got its name. One theory is that its twists and turns resemble a pig’s tail. Another claims it’s named for the feral pigs that once roamed the region. But the most frequently cited “tale” is that the byway has long been a popular backroads route to football games at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (whose team is the Razorbacks). In any case, you won’t want to miss this curvy country road sometimes called “The Arkansas Dragon.”

Checkpoint Location | Pig Trail Scenic Byway sign: located on AR-23 at the south entrance to Ozark National Forest, about five miles north of the intersection of AR-352 in White Oak

Check-in Point: Pig Trail scenic byway sign


5 | California | Palm to Pines Scenic Byway | Palm Desert to Mountain Center, CA | 41 Miles

Even if you’ve never ridden Palms to Pines Scenic Byway, you’ve probably seen it on television and in movies. Its spectacular curves, sparse desert, and forested mountain terrain made it a favorite filming location for many years. Starting in Palm Desert, CA -74 winds through the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains and into San Bernardino National Forest, ending in Mountain Center. Many published accounts claim that Palms to Pines continues north from Mountain Center to Banning along CA -243, but that portion is actually called the Banning-Idyllwild Panoramic Highway. It’s a great ride too, and we highly recommend including it in your journey. However, check with local officials before continuing north from Idyllwild; for much of 2019, the road was closed at Lake Fulmor for repairs due to flood damage.

Checkpoint Location | Idyllwild town monument: located in downtown Idyllwild on CA -243; the 25-foot tall wood sculpture features a giant grizzly bear and was created in 2012 by artist David Roy.

Check-in Point: Idyllwild Town Monument (wood sculpture giant grizzly bear)


6 | Colorado | Million Dollar Highway | Ouray to Silverton, CO | 23 Miles

Steep drop-offs, switchback curves, and precious few guardrails keep the adrenaline pumping on Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway. Part of the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway, the Million Dollar Highway runs 23 miles through the San Juan Mountains between Ouray and Silverton. With all its twists and turns, you’ll find the scenery as breathtaking as the ride is vertigo inducing. No one really knows how the highway got its nickname. Some say it’s because of its “million dollar” views; others say the road cost a million dollars to complete in the 1920s. And some say it’s because the fill dirt used for the roadway was rich in gold ore.

Checkpoint Location | Silverton Harley-Davidson® exterior: “The World’s Highest Harley Store,” at 9,318 feet, located at 1139 Greene St., Silverton.

Check-in Point: Silverton Harley-Davidson shop (exterior photo)


7 | Connecticut | Litchfield Hills Loop | Northwest Connecticut | 90 Miles

Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, the Litchfield Hills region of northwestern Connecticut offers a plethora of visual delights. Rolling hills, tranquil lakes, dense forests, and rich farmland characterize the area, and Colonial towns dot the serene landscape. Begin your loop in the historic town of Litchfield, incorporated in 1719. With its shaded village green and unspoiled Colonial architecture, it has been called one of New England’s prettiest places. Later, along the loop’s western edge, you’ll pass through the town of West Cornwall, site of the West Cornwall Covered Bridge.

Checkpoint Location | West Cornwall Covered Bridge: located in West Cornwall at CT-128 off US-7, this one-lane historic bridge dates from the mid-1800s and spans the Housatonic River; your photo should include part or all of this iconic red wooden lattice truss span.

Check-in Point: West Cornwall Covered Bridge (photo includes red covered bridge)


8 | Delaware | Bayshore Byway | New Castle to Lewes, DE | 87 Miles

Bayshore Byway meanders along eastern Delaware’s rural shoreline and the East Coast’s largest preserved coastal marshland. A scenic two-lane country road, the byway crosses nature preserves, historic towns, and beaches on the Delaware River and Bay Estuary. Along the way, you’ll want to stop at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base. The free museum contains more than 30 aircraft, and is the country’s only museum dedicated to airlift and air refueling history.

Checkpoint Location | Air Mobility Command Museum exterior sign: located at 1301 Heritage Rd., Dover AFB, the museum is open Tuesday– Sunday, 9AM-4PM. Your photo can be of either the sign at the front gate located at the intersection of Heritage Rd. and Bayside Dr. (DE-9), or the sign pictured here at the front of the museum and accessible during business hours.

Check-in Point: Air Mobility Command Museum exterior sign (at Dover AFB)


9 | Florida | Southernmost Point | Key Largo to Key West, FL | 106 Miles

Blue skies, emerald green waters, and salt-soaked breezes – a journey down US-1 through the Florida Keys is probably the closest you’ll get to tropical paradise in the mainland United States. Just follow the mile markers south, counting down from Key Largo to Key West (“Mile 0”), a city lovingly referred to as the “Conch Republic” by locals. Life moves at a different pace there. You might see a bumper sticker in the Keys reading “Slow down, this ain’t the mainland!” It’s great advice.

Checkpoint Location | Southernmost Point buoy: popular photo spot located at the corner of South and Whitehead Streets in Key West.

Check-in Point: Southernmost Point concrete buoy (in Key West)


10 | Georgia | Suches Loop | North Georgia | 51 Miles

Living up to its nickname as “Georgia’s Dragon,” the Suches Loop snakes through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest. Three mountain gaps with lots of twists, turns, and elevation changes make this ride a “bucket list” experience. Brilliant fall foliage attracts its share of riders during autumn, but the scenery is stunning any time of year.

Checkpoint Location | Vogel State Park sign: at the park entrance on US-129/19: 405 Vogel State Park Rd., Blairsville.

Check-in Point: Vogel state park sign (in Blairsville, GA)


11 | Hawaii | Hana Highway | Maui, HI | 50 Miles

Maui’s Hana Highway is 50 miles of spectacular curves through lush, tropical rainforest. Wildflowers bloom, waterfalls thunder, and the sun sparkles off of an impossibly blue Pacific Ocean. Traversing the island’s unspoiled northeastern shore, Hana is truly the highway to heaven. With more than 600 curves and 59 narrow bridges (many one lane), Hana Highway takes you past steep seaside cliffs and black volcanic sand beaches. You’re on island time; slow down and enjoy the journey!

Checkpoint Location | Halfway to Hana sign: just past Mile Marker 17 on HI-360 in Ke’anae; this popular roadside refreshment stand sells fruit, snacks, and banana bread – a local specialty.

Check-in Point: “Halfway to Hana” sign (in front of roadside refreshment stand called Halfway to Hana)


12 | Idaho | Lolo Pass | North Central Idaho from Lewiston, ID to Missoula, MT | 220 Miles

Following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark’s 1805 expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, Idaho’s US-12 crosses some of the most scenic terrain in the West. Called Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, the route also traces the trail the Nez Perce North American Indians took while fleeing government forces in 1877. Lolo Pass sits along the Idaho-Montana border, but you’ll want to take in all of US-12, from Lewiston, Idaho, to Missoula, Montana. Crossing the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests and the Bitterroot Range of the northern Rocky Mountains, the curves and scenery can’t be beat.

Checkpoint Location | Lolo Pass Visitor Center sign: located at 44000 US-12 W, Lolo, Montana.

Check-in Point: Lolo Pass Visitor Center sign


13 | Illinois | Ohio River Scenic Byway | Southern Illinois, from Cairo to Mt. Vernon | 171 Miles

The Ohio River National Scenic Byway hugs the river’s shoreline on its path through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Offering dramatic views of the Ohio River Valley, the Illinois portion of the byway runs through Shawnee National Forest over rolling hills and through quaint river towns.The area is rich in Civil War history, natural attractions, and state parks. Don’t miss Garden of the Gods Recreation Area in Shawnee National Forest, which features unique sandstone formations and spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness area.

Checkpoint Location | Giant Superman statue: located in Superman Square in downtown Metropolis, a city that proudly calls itself the official home of Superman and holds an annual Superman festival.

Check-in Point: Giant Superman Statue in Metropolis, IL


14 | Indiana | Indiana Lincoln Highway | Northern Indiana, from Monroeville to Dyer | 169 Miles

More than a century ago, mass production of affordable automobiles and an increasingly mobile society brought about the need for better roadways. The Lincoln Highway was developed to meet this need, becoming America’s first named coast-to-coast automobile road in 1913. Named in honor of the 16th president, the highway is still in existence, although it has undergone various realignments over the years. Our route through Indiana follows the highway’s 1928-1930 final course, giving you a chance to experience living history along its rural and urban paths.

Checkpoint Location | Giant Egg statue: located in a bank parking lot at 202 W. Main St., Mentone, Indiana, a few miles south of Lincoln Highway, this 10-foot tall concrete statue celebrates the city as the “Egg Basket of the Midwest.”

Check-in Point: Giant Egg statue in Mentone, IN


15 | Iowa | Historic Hills Scenic Byway | Southeast Iowa, Donnellson to Moravia | 128 Miles

Travel through history along Iowa’s Historic Hills Scenic Byway. Among its rolling hills, forests, and small towns, you’ll find the state’s oldest operating courthouse, the first church west of the Mississippi, the Mormon Pioneer Trail, and Iowa’s only Civil War battle site. The region is also home to Mennonite and Old Order Amish communities and businesses, so stay alert for the presence of horse-drawn carriages on the roadways.

Checkpoint Location | Van Buren County Courthouse: located at 902 4th St., Keosauqua; Iowa’s oldest courthouse, built in 1843.

Check-in Point: Van Buren County Courthouse (all or part of building or sign)


16 | Kansas | Flint Hills Scenic Byway | Cassoday to Council Grove, KS | 47 Miles

Pull over and shut off your motorcycle in the middle of the Kansas Flint Hills, and you’ll hear the sounds of silence: breezes blowing through swaying prairie grass, insects buzzing, and birds chirping. To ride the Flint Hills is to experience a vanishing bit of America; miles of unspoiled prairie punctuated by small towns steeped in history. At one time, tallgrass prairie – a mixture of grasses that can grow as high as eight feet tall – blanketed the Midwest. Today, less than four percent of that original 170-million-acre prairie remains, a result of the country’s westward expansion over the last couple of centuries.

Checkpoint Location | Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve sign: located at the visitor center, 2480 KS-177, Strong City.

Check-in Point: Tallgrass prairie national preserve sign


17 | Kentucky | Red River Gorge Scenic Byway | Between Stanton and Zachariah, Ky – in Daniel Boone National Forest | 45 Miles

Winding through Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Forest, Red River Gorge Scenic Byway offers a wealth of natural wonders. Sandstone arches and bluffs, waterflows, forested ridges, and natural bridges make this one of the state’s prettiest rides. You’ll see why the region has been named a National Natural Landmark, National Geological Area, and a National Wild and Scenic River. One of the route’s highlights is the large sandstone arch at Natural Bridge State Park, a short walk from the park’s visitor center (park entry fee applies).

Checkpoint Location | Natural Bridge State Resort Park sign: located along KY-11, 2135 Natural Bridge Rd., Slade.

Check-in Point: Natural Bridge State Resort Park sign (in Slade, KY)


18 | Louisiana | Creole Nature Trail Scenic Byway | Southwest Louisiana | 180 To 222 Miles

Deep among the swamps, coastal marshes, and bayous of southwest Louisiana, the Creole Nature Trail runs through the heart of “Louisiana’s Outback.” Generations of Cajun and Creole settlers hunted and fished there, and the region’s abundant natural beauty and resources continue to attract outdoor enthusiasts today. You’re likely to spot alligators and other wildlife. The area is home to more than 400 bird species, and encompasses five federal and state wildlife refuges and sanctuaries. After riding the trail, you’ll understand why the region is sometimes called “one of America’s last great wildernesses.”

Checkpoint Location | Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point sign: located at 2740 Ruth St., Sulphur. This free attraction/visitor center is a great place to start your journey along the Creole Nature Trail, with hands-on displays and information about the area’s history, culture, and scenery. NOTE: The mapped route includes a ferry crossing at Cameron across the Calcasieu River/Ship Channel. The ferry runs 24 hours daily and costs $1 westbound; eastbound crossing is free.

Check-in Point: Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point sign and/or building (in Sulphur, LA)


19 | Maine | Acadia National Park Loop | Maine’s East Coast, Bar Harbour Area | 29 Miles

Acadia National Park encompasses lots of diverse terrain within its 47,000 acres: mountains, woodlands, sandy beach, and rocky coastline. Observation points along the 27-mile Acadia Loop around Mt. Desert Island provide great views of the park’s natural wonders. A couple of don’t-miss highlights: Thunder Hole, a rocky inlet along Frenchman Bay where waves crash and thunder against a natural crevice; and Cadillac Mountain, whose 1,530-foot peak marks the highest point on the North Atlantic seacoast and the first place in the U.S. where you can see the sunrise during part of the year.

Checkpoint Location | Acadia National Park sign: located at Hulls Cove Visitor Center, 25 Visitor Center Rd., Bar Harbor. NOTE: National Park entry fees apply.

Check-in Point: Acadia National Park sign (at visitor center)


20 | Maryland | Journey Through Hallowed Ground Scenic Byway | Emmitsburg to Point of Rocks, MD | 39 Miles

Stretching from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to Monticello, Virginia, the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Scenic Byway follows a path through early American history. Major Civil War battles took place there, and nine presidents lived along its route. Running through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, the 180-mile byway – part of a National Heritage Area – truly lives up to its slogan “Where America Happened.” Maryland’s section of the byway runs along the Catoctin Mountain chain, and includes state and national parks, a Civil War battlefield, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick.

Checkpoint Location | Catoctin Mountain Park sign: located at the park entrance, 6602 Foxville Rd., Thurmont.

Check-in Point: Catoctin Mountain Park sign (in Thurmont, MD)


21 | Massachusetts | Mt. Greylock Scenic Byway | Lanesborough to North Adams, Ma | 18.5 Miles

On a clear day, the view from atop Mount Greylock’s 3,491-foot summit reaches 90 miles, offering panoramic views into five states. Located in the Taconic Mountains adjacent to the Berkshires, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. It’s important to note that the byway, which runs through Mount Greylock State Reservation, opens one week before Memorial Day in late May and remains open through October 31, so plan accordingly!

Checkpoint Location | Veterans War Memorial Tower: Located at the summit of Mount Greylock, this 92-foot granite tower, constructed in 1932, memorializes veterans of the First World War. The tower is a five-minute walk from the parking lot, and there’s an incline with some stairs. NOTE: For H.O.G.® members who are mobility challenged, a photo of the summit from the parking lot will suffice. Parking fee applies at the Mount Greylock summit.

Check-in Point: Veterans War Memorial tower (at summit of Mt. Greylock)


22 | Michigan | Tunnel of Trees | Bayview to Cross Village, Mi | 28 Miles

The aptly named Tunnel of Trees is shaded by a canopy of hardwoods and evergreens for much of its 28-mile length. The winding, narrow road runs along the high bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, with occasional breaks in the foliage offering glimpses of the water below. Plan on having lunch at Legs Inn in Cross Village at the end of the ride. The restaurant, open from mid-May through late October, was started by a Polish immigrant in the early 1920s. The funky stone and- timber eatery was named for the row of inverted stove legs that form a railing around the roof and even has its own Michigan Historical Marker (which is the checkpoint for this ride).

Checkpoint Location | Legs Inn historical marker: located outside of the restaurant, 6425 North Lake Shore Dr., Cross Village.

Check-in Point: Leggs Inn historical marker (in front of Leggs Inn, Cross Village, MI)


23 | Minnesota | North Shore Scenic Drive | Duluth to Grand Portage, MN | 149 Miles

Cruise along the scenic north shoreline of Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake in surface area. Seven state parks dot the route, including Split Rock Lighthouse State Park with its historic 1910 light station, constructed after nearly 30 ships were lost on the treacherous rocks during a gale. If you’re a fan of great homemade pie – and who isn’t? – we recommend stopping at Betty’s Pies when you pass through Two Harbors.

Checkpoint Location | Split Rock Lighthouse: located at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, 3755 Split Rock Lighthouse Rd., Two Harbors. NOTE: Park hours are 8AM-10PM daily; entrance fee applies. There’s a Scenic Overlook with a view of the lighthouse about 1-1/2 miles south of the state park on MN-61, if you prefer not to enter the state park.

Check-in Point: Split Rock Lighthouse (at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Two Harbors, MN)


24 | Mississippi | Natchez Trace Parkway | Natchez, MS to the Mississippi-Alabama Border | 311 Miles

Following the path of the “Old Natchez Trace,” a trail used for thousands of years by Native Americans and early European settlers, Natchez Trace Parkway runs 444 miles through three states, from Natchez, Mississippi, to Nashville, Tennessee. In Mississippi, the national parkway’s gently curving two-lane winds past grassy fields, and stands of towering oaks and evergreens. Remnants of the original footpath leading into the woods are visible in several areas, marked by “Sunken Trace” signs. The Cypress Swamp at milepost 122 is also worth seeing, where a boardwalk leads over a cypress-studded stagnant marsh.

Checkpoint Location | Natchez Trace Parkway sign: National Park Service sign for Natchez Trace Parkway is located near its Natchez entrance. There’s a paved pullout and parking area for vehicles at the location.

Check-in Point: Natchez Trace Parkway sign (located near parkway entrance, Natchez, MS)


25 | Missouri | Bagnell Dam Loop | Lake of the Ozarks Region in Central Missouri | 71 Miles

Winding through Missouri’s Ozark Mountains, this 71-mile loop packs a lot of punch into its short distance. Curving through rural central Missouri before reaching the Lake of the Ozarks, the highway crosses Bagnell Dam, whose construction formed the Lake of the Ozarks by damming the Osage River in 1931. Popular parks in the region include Lake of the Ozarks State Park and Ha Ha Tonka State Park, whose highlights include the ruins of a 1905 stone castle situated on a high bluff overlooking the lake.

Checkpoint Location | “Welcome to Bagnell Dam” billboard: located at the south end of Bagnell Dam on Bagnell Dam Blvd. (US-54 Business Route).

Check-in Point: “Welcome to Bagnell Dam” billboard (at south end of dam on Bagnall Dam Blvd.)


26 | Montana | Going-to-the-Sun Road | Glacier National Park | 50 Miles

Truly one of the top bucket-list rides in the nation, Montana’s Going-to-the-Sun Road sits in a class all by itself. From cedar forests and glacial lakes to alpine tundra, the road bisects Glacier National Park, offering myriad spectacular scenic views and crossing over the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. It’s advised to check weather conditions before riding, as snow can delay the opening of the alpine portion of the road until late June or early July, and weather closures at any time of the year are possible.

Checkpoint Location | Logan Pass sign: located at the entrance to the Logan Pass Visitor Center at the summit –Browning. NOTE: National Park entrance fee applies.

Check-in Point: Logan Pass sign (located at Logan Pass Visitor Center at summit)


27 | Nebraska | Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway | Grand Island to Alliance, NE | 272 Miles

Nebraska’s Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway traverses a long stretch of windblown prairie through the middle of the state. Covering more than 19,000 square miles and nearly a quarter of the state’s land, the Sandhills comprises the largest area of grass-stabilized dunes in the Western Hemisphere. Cows outnumber people by almost four to one, as the sandy soil isn’t suitable for farming but is ideal for cattle ranching.

Checkpoint Location | Sandhills Journey/Nebraska Byway road sign: Choose any one of the official byway signs (as pictured here) along the route.

Check-in Point: Sandhills Journey/Nebraska Byway sign (at any location along byway)


28 | Nevada | Extraterrestrial Highway | Crystal Springs to Warm Springs, NV | 99 Miles

Prepare for “close encounters” along the Extraterrestrial Highway – NV-375 between Crystal Springs and Warm Springs. Whether these encounters are with UFOs – the region abuts the infamous Area 51 government test facility – or with the free-range cattle that roam the high desert area – you’ll want to exercise due care. Roughly halfway along the journey, stop in Rachel at Little A’Le’Inn, the legendary bar/restaurant/souvenir shop. Even if you don’t try its specialty – the Alien Burger – you’ll want to photograph the sign and flying saucer outside – it’s this ride’s checkpoint.

Checkpoint Location | Little A’Le’Inn sign: located at 9631 Old Mill Rd., Alamo (Rachel, NV)

Check-in Point: Little A’Le’Inn sign (in Rachel NV – note address is sometimes listed as Alamo NV)


29 | New Hampshire | Kancamagus Highway | Lincoln to Conway, NH | 35 Miles

Known as “the Kanc,” the Kancamagus Highway runs through White Mountain National Forest between Lincoln and Conway. The road twists and turns over Kancamagus Pass on the flank of Mount Kancamagus – at almost 2,900 feet, the highest elevation on the highway. A peeper’s paradise – leaf peepers, that is – the Kanc attracts legions of travelers each fall for its spectacular foliage displays, and traffic congestion during that time can be a problem.

Checkpoint Location | Kancamagus Highway sign: located at the pullout – look for the sign reading “Entering White Mountain National Scenic Forest” on NH-112, 2-1/2 miles west of the junction with NH-113/16 in Conway (or 33 miles east of Lincoln on NH-112).

Check-in Point: Kancamagus Highway sign/marker


30 | New Jersey | Bayshore Heritage Byway | Cape May to Pennsville, NJ | 124 Miles

Winding along Delaware Bay on New Jersey’s western shore, the Bayshore Heritage Byway runs through historic towns and villages, farmland, rivers, and tributaries. Abundant wetlands along the shoreline provide natural habitat for migratory shore and wading birds. Historic sites on the byway include the Hancock House in Hancocks Bridge, site of a Revolutionary War massacre; and the Greenwich Tea Burning Monument in Greenwich, which commemorates a tea burning that took place there in 1774, a year after the Boston Tea Party.

Checkpoint Location | Cape May Lighthouse: located at Cape May Point State Park, 215 Lighthouse Ave., Cape May Point; the lighthouse was constructed in 1859 and is still in use.

Check-in Point: Cape May Lighthouse at Cape May Point State Park


31 | New Mexico | Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway | Northern New Mexico | 113 Miles

New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway blends astonishing natural beauty with eons of human history. Home to Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been continuously inhabited for more than 1,000 years, and the country’s first Vietnam Memorial, in Angel Fire, the byway offers a wealth of “enchanting” scenery and riding. Circling the highest point in the state – Wheeler Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, at 13,159 feet – and running through Carson National Forest, the region is also home to the popular Taos Ski Valley.

Checkpoint Location | Vietnam Veterans Memorial sign: located at 34 Country Club Rd., Angel Fire. Dedicated in 1971, the memorial was constructed by the Westphall family to honor the memory of their son and the 15 men in his platoon who were killed in Vietnam in 1968.

Check-in Point: Vietnam Veterans Memorial sign (in Angel Fire, NM)


32 | New York | Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway | Upstate New York | 87 Miles

Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway circles upstate New York’s longest Finger Lake, past lakeside bluffs, farmland, wetlands, state parks, and a national wildlife refuge. The region hosts the country’s first wine trail – its microclimate is ideal for growing grapes – and also played important historical roles in the Underground Railroad, as well as the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Taughannock Falls State Park on the lake’s southwestern edge is worth a visit. Its namesake falls is the highest single-drop waterfall in the Northeast – at 215 feet, it’s three stories taller than Niagara Falls.

Checkpoint Location | Taughannock Falls Overlook: photograph the waterfall from the overlook at the Visitor Center, 2381 Taughannock Park Rd., Trumansburg.

Check-in Point: Taughannock Falls Overlook (photo of waterfall or sign) at Visitor Center


33 | North Carolina | Hellbender 28 | Deals Gap to Stecoah, NC | 22 Miles

Sure, the Dragon gets all of the attention, but the Hellbender 28 – just adjacent to its more famous cousin – is no less exciting to ride. Skirting Fontana Lake through the middle of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the road features more elevation changes, sweeping curves, and expansive views than the Dragon, making one a perfect complement to the other. The Hellbender 28 is also known as the Moonshiner 28, but whatever you choose to call it it’s a heck of a ride!

Checkpoint Location | Fontana Lake from scenic overlook: The pullout for the scenic overlook doesn’t have a sign, but it’s approximately 11 miles east of the intersection of US-129 and NC-28 (starting in Deals Gap and riding east toward Stecoah). Look for a break in the trees, with a pullout/parking/picnic area that offers a panoramic view of Fontana Lake.

Check-in Point: Fontana Lake from scenic overlook (photo of lake itself from the scenic overlook)


34 | North Dakota | Roosevelt National Park Loop | Western North Dakota | 131 Miles (Includes North and South Units)

In the heart of North Dakota’s rugged Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is often referred to as a hidden gem. Sitting on three separate land areas (the North and South Units contain paved roads, while the Elkhorn Ranch Unit has gravel roads), the park covers a total of nearly 70,500 acres. Both the North Unit, accessible off of US-85, and the South Unit, off of Interstate 94 Exit 24, feature scenic drives with dramatic scenery, wilderness areas, and abundant wildlife. The Elkhorn Ranch Unit is the site of Theodore Roosevelt’s cattle ranch, built in 1884 on the Little Missouri River.

Checkpoint Location | Roosevelt National Park entrance sign: a National Park sign at any of the park entrances (sign may differ from the one pictured). A National Park entrance fee applies. NOTE: A short section of the South Unit loop is closed for repair with no set re-opening date, but the rest of the loop can be driven.

Check-in Point: Roosevelt National Park entrance sign (at any of the park entrances)


35 | Ohio | The Triple Nickel – Ohio Route 555 | Brush Creek to Little Hocking, OH | 61 Miles

Winding through southeastern Ohio’s Appalachian region, OH-555, better known as the “Triple Nickel,” features bucolic scenery and curvy, hilly roads. Running through four rural counties, the route also skirts the edge of Wayne National Forest. Just a simple country road, albeit one with roller-coaster hills and pastoral farmland, this is a ride you’re sure to enjoy.

Checkpoint Location | OH-555 highway sign: Any OH-555 route sign between Brush Creek and Little Hocking.

Check-in Point: OH-555 sign (any of the 555 route signs between Brush Creek and Little Hocking, OH)


36 | Oklahoma | Talimena Scenic Byway | Talihina, OK to Mena, AR | 60 Miles

Winding through Ouachita National Forest in southeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas, Talimena Scenic Drive provides a peaceful passage through forested hills and verdant valleys. The route follows the crests of Winding Stair and Rich Mountains, part of the highest mountain range between the Appalachians and the Rockies, offering lots of curves, steep grades, and numerous scenic overlooks. It’s a region renowned for fall foliage, but the views are spectacular year-round. The byway derives its combined name from the towns on either end: Talihina, Oklahoma, and Mena, Arkansas.

Checkpoint Location | Talimena Scenic Drive/Ouachita National Forest sign: The carved wood and stone sign sits at the Oklahoma- Arkansas state line (either side of the sign is okay to use).

Check-in Point: “Talimena Scenic Drive/Ouachita National Forest” sign (at AR/OK state line)


37 | Oregon | Historic Columbia River Highway | Northern Oregon | 82 Miles

Winding through the dramatic Columbia River Gorge on the Washington-Oregon border, you’ll be captivated by the same breathtaking scenery that greeted Lewis and Clark on their westward journey more than 200 years ago. The scenery includes waterfalls, sheer cliffs, canyons, and mountain views as the byway follows the river’s path through the Cascade Mountains.

Checkpoint Location | Vista House building and/or sign: located at 40700 Historic Columbia River Hwy., Corbett; the Vista House is a historic stone building built between 1916-1918 at the Crown Point scenic overlook.

Check-in Point: Vista House (building itself or sign) – in Corbett, OR


38 | Pennsylvania | Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway | Southwestern Pennsylvania | 69 Miles

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Pennsylvania’s 3,000-square-mile Laurel Highlands region is a feast for the senses. Rolling hills, farmland, rivers, waterfalls, and state parks rank among its natural attractions, and four landmark Frank Lloyd Wright homes, a Revolutionary War battlefield, and a reconstructed French and Indian War fortress are just a few of the area’s historic and architectural attractions. Running 68 miles on PA-711 and 381 from Seward, Pennsylvania, to the West Virginia state line, Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway crosses two rural counties, and provides a bonanza of scenic and relaxed riding.

Checkpoint Location | Ohiopyle State Park sign: located at the park headquarters, 124 Main St., Ohiopyle. Any of the state park’s signs are acceptable for your checkpoint photo and may differ from the one pictured. This 20,500-acre park sits near the southern terminus of the byway and is bisected by the Youghiogheny River, popular for whitewater rafting.

Check-in Point: Ohiopyle State Park sign (in Ohiopyle, PA)


39 | Rhode Island | Ocean Road to Point Judith Lighthouse | Narragansett, RI | 6 Miles

Summertime in Rhode Island is all about the beach. Head down to South County (which you won’t find on the map because it’s not an actual county; it’s just what everyone calls the state’s coastal region), grab some chowder and clam cakes, and maybe a Del’s frozen lemonade, and you’re all set. Wind along Ocean Road, past Narragansett Town Beach and through the stone archway of The Towers, curve along the rocky coastline past more beaches, and at the end of the road you’ll come to Point Judith Lighthouse – a squat, octagonal brick light station that has sat on the spot since 1857.

Checkpoint Location | Point Judith Lighthouse: located at 1460 Ocean Rd., Narragansett. The lighthouse is on the grounds of Coast Guard Station Point Judith, which isn’t open to the public, so park at an adjacent parking area and walk around the outer perimeter of the grounds to the lighthouse.

Check-in Point: Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett, RI


40 | South Carolina | Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway | Upcountry South Carolina | 118 Miles

Winding through the Blue Ridge Mountains’ southern foothills, this national scenic byway follows a trail once used by the Cherokees and early fur traders. Along the way, you’ll find small towns, peach orchards, three state parks, and two national battlefields. Gaffney, South Carolina, is home of the 135-foot-tall landmark “Peachoid” water tower. Why a giant peach? It’s claimed that at one time Cherokee County in South Carolina produced more peaches per year than the entire state of Georgia.

Checkpoint Location | “Peachoid” water tower: located on Peachoid Road off of SC-11, immediately north of I-85, in Gaffney.

Check-in Point: “Peachoid” water tower in Gaffney, SC (water tower shaped like a giant peach)


41 | South Dakota | Badlands Loop Scenic Byway | Badlands National Park | 38 Miles

Badlands National Park is truly a monument to erosion. Its slowly changing pinnacles, spires, and bluffs evolved over thousands of years, and continue to erode by as much as one inch per year. Geologists estimate they will be gone completely in the next 500,000 years, so naturally you’ll want to see ’em while you still can! Badlands Loop winds for 38 miles through an eerie multi-hued landscape of spectacular rock formations. Be sure to stop at any of the park’s 15 scenic overlooks to soak in nature’s majesty.

Checkpoint Location | Badlands National Park entrance sign: located at any of the park entrances. A National Park entrance fee applies.

Check-in Point: Badlands National Park sign (at any of the park entrances)


42 | Tennessee | The Dragon | Deals Gap, TN-NC Stateline | 11 Miles

It just may be the e-ticket of motorcycle rides. After all, lots of places call their twisty roads, “(insert place name here)’s Dragon,” but everyone knows there’s only ONE Dragon – and that’s in Deals Gap, deep in the Great Smoky Mountains on the Tennessee-North Carolina border. With 318 curves in 11 miles, it’s at the top of nearly every rider’s bucket list. Less experienced riders can be intimidated by the Dragon, but veteran riders advise to “ride your own ride”; that is to ride safely within the speed limit and your comfort limits, and pull over to let faster vehicles pass.

Checkpoint Location | Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort “The Dragon” sign: located at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, 17548 Tapoco Rd., Robbinsville, North Carolina.

Check-in Point: Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort “The Dragon” sign (at resort in Robbinsville, NC)


43 | Texas | The Twisted Sisters | Texas Hill Country | 125 Miles

When the hills make you swoon, and the bluebonnets bloom, that’s amoré, to paraphrase Dean Martin. In truth, there’s no better time to tour Texas Hill Country than early springtime, when the hills are alive in a blanket of blue flowers. While you’re there, you won’t want to miss the famous trilogy of trails known as the Twisted Sisters (or Three Sisters) Loop – Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337. This twisty triad takes you up, over, and around some of the grandest hills that Texas has to offer.

Checkpoint Location | Ranch Road 335, 336, or 337 sign: While riding the route, choose any ONE of the three Ranch Road signs that make up the Twisted Sisters (you don’t need all three).

Check-in Point: any sign showing Ranch Road 335, 336, or 337 (Ranch Road is often abbreviated as “RR”)


44 | Utah | Monument Valley to Bluff Scenic Byway | Southeast Utah | 45 Miles

Anyone who has watched an old Western movie has seen Monument Valley; its striking red rock buttes, mesas, and spires are unforgettable symbols of the American West. The byway runs from the Utah-Arizona border to the town of Bluff. Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation, one of the largest Native American tribes. The 91,000-acre Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park sits near the Four Corners region, where four states meet.

Checkpoint Location | Mexican Hat Rock: located a few miles north of the village of Mexican Hat on US-163, this striking sombrero-shaped rock formation is visible from the highway.

Check-in Point: Mexican Hat rock formation (visible from US-163 near Mexican Hat, UT)


45 | Vermont | Scenic Route 100 Byway | Central Vermont | 188 Miles

Sometimes called “Vermont’s Main Street,” Scenic Route 100 Byway runs along the eastern edge of the Green Mountains. Lots of natural, cultural, and historic attractions make this a not-to-miss slice of New England. Among the region’s “sweeter” attractions, you’ll pass Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Waterbury, where tours are offered seven days a week (fee for tour applies).

Checkpoint Location | Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory tour sign: located at 1281 Waterbury-Stowe Rd., VT-100, Waterbury.

Check-in Point: “Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: Factory Tour” sign (in Waterbury, VT)


46 | Virginia | Skyline Drive | Shenandoah National Park | 105 Miles

When Jimi Hendrix sang “’Scuse me while I kiss the sky” in the song “Purple Haze,” he wasn’t talking about Skyline Drive. But you just may be humming that song to yourself while riding through Shenandoah National Park, ’cause that’s what it feels like! Winding 105 miles along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the spectacular vistas make it a bucket-list-worthy ride. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour, and there are no fewer than 75 scenic overlooks, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. Keep an eye out for wildlife, however, as the park is habitat to wild turkeys, deer, and black bears, among other critters.

Checkpoint Location | Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive sign: located at or near any of the park’s entrance stations (sign may differ from the one pictured here). A National Park entrance fee applies.

Check-in Point: Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive sign (any park entrance station)


47 | Washington | North Cascades Scenic Highway | Northwest Washington | 140 Miles

With jagged, snowcapped peaks; green forests; and turquoise glacial lakes, the North Cascade Mountains are sometimes referred to as “America’s Alps.” Showcasing the region’s exquisite natural beauty, North Cascades Scenic Byway runs 140 miles from Skagit Valley to Methow Valley, and passes through North Cascades National Park (no entrance fee). North Cascades Highway is part of the 440-mile Cascade Loop, which incorporates three of Washington state’s scenic byways. If you choose to ride the entire byway, stop in the town of Leavenworth, which transformed itself during the 1960s into an authentic-looking Bavarian village.

Checkpoint Location | North Cascades National Park sign: located at either end of the park along WA-20 or at the Visitor Center, Newhalem Creek Rd., Marblemount (sign may differ from the one pictured here).

Check-in Point: North Cascades National Park sign (at either end of park or at visitor center)


48 | West Virginia | Highland Scenic Highway | Southeastern West Virginia | 44 Miles

Climbing to elevations of 4,500 feet along the peaks of the Allegheny Highlands and the headwaters of the Williams and Cranberry Rivers, the Highland Scenic Highway twists and winds through Monongahela National Forest. Four scenic overlooks provide spectacular views of the rugged mountain and valley terrain. Spring wildflowers and fall foliage make this National Scenic Byway a particularly alluring destination during those seasons.

Checkpoint Location | Highland Scenic Highway OR Monongahela National Forest sign: any Highland Scenic Highway or Monongahela National Forest sign along the byway or its overlooks (signs may differ from the one pictured here).

Check-in Point: “Highland Scenic Highway” OR “Monongahela National Forest” sign (any of the signs along byway or overlooks)


49 | Wisconsin | Door County Coastal Byway | Northeast Wisconsin | 134 Miles

Riding Door County is a bit like taking a journey in the “way-back machine.” Featuring small town serenity and rustic two-lane highways, there isn’t a fast food joint or national hotel chain to
be found, save for in the county seat of Sturgeon Bay. Door County is a major cherry-producing region. With over 2,500 acres of orchards, the county is the fourth-largest cherry producer in the country. Its tart Montmorency cherries are used for making everything from pies to wine. The best time to see cherry trees in full blossom is from mid- to late-May.

Checkpoint Location | Goats on the roof – Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant: located at 10698 N. Bay Shore Dr., Sister Bay. From May until October, you’re likely to see goats grazing on the sod roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. If the goats aren’t a-grazin’, your photo can be of the restaurant sign out front.

Check-in Point: Goats on grass rooftop at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay, WI (or sign at restaurant)


50 | Wyoming | Beartooth Pass | Northwest Wyoming | 68 Miles (Includes Mt Portion of Beartooth Highway)

Open from roughly late May through mid-October – weather permitting – Beartooth Highway is among the most spectacular scenic drives in the country. Jagged, snow-covered peaks; glacial lakes; and alpine meadows characterize the scenery, and lots of switchbacks make for an exciting ride. Beartooth Pass, at nearly 11,000 feet in elevation, lies within the Wyoming section of the highway, but you’ll want to start your ride in Red Lodge, Montana, and follow US-212 to Yellowstone National Park.

Checkpoint Location | Beartooth Pass sign: sign at Beartooth Pass reading “Beartooth Pass Summit, Elev. 10,947.”

Check-in Point: Beartooth Pass sign (reads “Beartooth Pass, Elevation 10,947”)