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Cajun HOG Chapter Members,

The purpose of the monthly ride challenge is to get out and Ride. We just add a little detail to try to make it fun, and stir up some friendly competition amongst chapter members. The best part is that at the end of the month (at the Chapter Meeting) a random drawing takes place, based on all the entries throughout the month, and the winner of that drawing gets a $25 gift certificate to Cajun HD - You know you're going to spend at LEAST $25 there, why not get it for 'free'...

To participate, take a picture with the following things visible -  YOUR FACE ,  YOUR BIKE  (a recognizable part, grip, mirror, bars, whole bike!), and  THE ITEM  that is the monthly challenge. Send that pic to [email protected]. That's ALL!

Since there is no "first, second, third" place winner, ONE entry is enough to win the drawing for the gift card! Of course, more than one entry increased your chances!

For the February Ride Challenge, we had 11 people participate and we had a total of 216 entries/pictures! Thanks for counting and keeping track of all those, Tenneal!

Sarah Brown won the gift card drawing for February, BUT all of the February entries will be included in the  end of year drawing for a $100 gift card !

Recognition for the participants with the most entries for our February Ride Challenge were (Thanks to Tenneal for keeping track):

  1. Jimmy Brown (77)
  2. Rodney Wooten (71)
  3. Sarah Brown (38)
  4. Terry Latiolais (10)
  5. Tenneal Latiolais (10)

The March Ride Challenge was announced at the Chapter Meeting. It is SMOKE STACKS. We would like to see participation break 50 participants this month, so help us out... Get out and ride! And while you're out riding, look for SMOKE STACKS. When you see one, stop and snap a pic. Send it to [email protected] when you get home. That's all. It's that simple! Play along!


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