Ride 365 Cajun Chapter 2021 Annual Mileage- Aug 2021 Update

Hello Cajun Chapter Family,

Update on Cajun Chapter Ride 365 Mileage!

This graph captures our miles through the month of August 2021. Thanks to you and your efforts we are currently sitting in 1st place out of 105 Chapters in our Region and we are 1st in the nation out of 398 Chapters!! Our Chapter mileage is 905,000 miles!!! Awesome job Cajun HOG!!

When we started the year, we ambitiously set a goal of 1,000,000 miles! This goal seamed like a tall order, however, our members have risen to the challenge and have delivered. Thank you!!

We have plenty of rides scheduled each week for the remainder of the year with some out of town rides to help us reach our goal! Come out and ride and help us! Thank you to all who have submitted miles and continue to submit them. For those who have not yet submitted, please do so now as each mile helps up get closer to our goal!!

Its easy to submit your miles, fill out the form found on our website at www.cajunhog.com/ride365-mileage. Once you fill the form out, please email your form to Shawna Landry at [email protected]. You can submit your miles multiple times a month if you would like. We need every mile!!

Thank you for your participation in this program and together we will reach our goal!

Thank you

Barry Broussard

Director, Cajun Chapter #1681

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Posted by Barry Broussard