Chapter Member Spotlight - Earline Bonnet

Chapter Member Spotlight - Earline Bonnet

Chapter Member Spotlight - Earline Bonnet

My name is Earline Bonnet, sometimes known as the lady with a dog. Until eight years ago, I had never been on a motorcycle. I always thought riding would be fun but my husband had no interest, so I became busy as a wife, mother of three children, and an elementary school teacher. Now I'm retired, a widow, the children are married and living a life of their own. Life changes.

A good friend, through my daughter's marriage, was a biker and I became his passenger. I loved it and wanted a bike of my own. After considering my age,74, at the time, I decided a trike was the best option. When I sat on a FLRT Freewheeler trike, I knew it was for me so I purchased it on the spot. I didn't know how to ride it nor did I have a motorcycle endorsement license. Again my friend rode it home for me.

Within a week, I took lessons, got my endorsement, and then told my family! Naturally they were surprised and concerned but eventually excepted the fact that I really enjoy riding. It provides the freedom to experience the outdoor weather in the open and having my dog, Dolly, as my passenger. She enjoys riding in her carrier on day trips with me.

I also enjoy riding with the Cajun HOG Chapter anywhere, but to pick my favorite would be the Bon Temps Ride to Hot Springs, AR 2018. It was my first overnight trip which brought me new friends and conquered some challenges. It gave me courage to take a nine day group trip to the 115th Rally in Milwaukee WI. What an exciting and amazing ride it was! So now my bucket list includes any ride longer than a day and farther than the LA border.

Being a member of the Cajun HOG Chapter1681 gives me the opportunity to meet a great group of people who take time to help a fellow member no matter your age or that you ride a trike. They make me feel like part of a family with riding in common. Getting together for rides, cook offs, dinners, etc., is an added bonus.

Riding keeps me going and feeling younger than my 77 years. You figure the math, riding only three years and a membership the same amount of time. I've picked my pleasure and will continue to Ride and Have Fun!

By Yvonne Menard

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