Chapter Member Spotlight - Rick Barber

Chapter Member Spotlight - Rick Barber

Chapter Member Spotlight - Rick Barber

I've been riding for at least 50 years, getting my first dirt bike when I returned from Viet Nam in '69. I've had several over the years. Currently riding an '09 Root Beer Custom Ultra. (Retirement present from me to me, lol!)

It's hard to take all that experience and boil it down to a favorite ride but one of the best was along the Blue Ridge Parkway. As for bucket list, the biggie for me was first time trek with my riding buddy to Sturgis, SD and the Black Hills, and the run from Rapid City to Deadwood and Spearfish in the old days. Now, I'm just happy to have good people to ride with and friends all over the country.

After a 22 year break from the military and a nursing career, I went back in on Active Duty and retired in '09. While I still practice and consult some, my retirement job is being the annual event coordinator for the Patriot Tour and Passing the Flag ceremony that Cajun HD sponsors (later part of July) to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to disabled veterans and their families in need. The Nation of Patriots, a 501C (3) organization founded in 2009, organized this national effort using a large US Flag touring the 48 continental states on the back of a motorcycle to draw attention to this need. It stops 110 times to Pass the Flag between flag-bearers for each leg of the journey from Memorial Day to Labor Day. All funds go directly to the hands of these families and remain local to the areas from which they were raised. All workers and items used to raise money are volunteers and donations respectively.

When I "retired" and settled here in Acadiana, I retired my '87 Heritage Softtail and purchased my current bike at Cajun, becoming a chapter member. This past April was my 10th anniversary with y'all. I've lived all over this country (and the world) since high school, never more than 3 years in one place until landing here and as a life member of HOG, I've ridden with many chapters. This one by far is the most active, genuine and accepting. If you can't find a ride or someone to ride with here it's your own fault!

I am grateful and humbled that you would think me worthy of being featured in the newsletter. I am blessed to have access and acceptance with such a great bunch of diverse personalities and backgrounds... kinda like the military don't you think?

By Yvonne Menard

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