Message from Webmaster

Message from Webmaster

Cajun HOG Chapter Members,

Thank you all for coming to the first chapter meeting of 2021! It was a great turnout and the After Meeting Ride (AMR) was one of the largest I’ve seen. We had 28 bikes and 34 people leave Cajun HD!

Below is the recap of the items I went over in the meeting, with links, as promised:


Website –

The website is UP and running. We are ironing out a few usage issues (as experienced in our Chapter Meeting), but all in all, the back end functionality of this thing is amazing!

As a Cajun HOG Chapter Member, the first thing we need you to do is follow the directions in your welcome email (this email gives you the initial login link), and set up your User Profile. Your profile is part of your login account. This gives you access to additional features and functionality of the website. If you have NOT received the welcome email FROM [email protected], send an email TO [email protected] with your full name and your HOG ID number and a brief message stating you need a new welcome email.

A few key items we NEED you to complete are:

  1. Username = First Name <space> Last Name.

  2. Set Your Password.

  3. Verify/Edit/Add your Mailing Address.

  4. Verify/Edit/Add your Cell Phone Number.

  5. Add the ‘Check’ if you want to receive Text Messages.

  6. Add you Emergency Contact/ICE InfoDO NOT use your regular passenger as your ICE.

  7. Upload a PIC! (Optional)

Once you have setup your user account, check out the following:

  1. Our BLOG ( for ‘how-to’ info and Chapter Updates.

  2. Our Newsletters ( for newsletters going back to 2015.

  3. Our Chapter Forum ( for where you can post about anything you’d like (motorcycle related). Ask for motorcycle help, show off your motorcycle stuff, or get rid of used motorcycle related items.

  4. Our Galleries ( with full sized pics of Chapter Rides and Events

  5. Our Ride Challenges Page (, which includes Local AND National HOG Ride Challenges.

We are asking that you use the RSVP function of the Calendar (, for the Rides/Events that you will participate in. This will help Road Captains and Officers get headcounts to properly plan the stops on rides, food prep, and/or other considerations, based on the number in attendance.

To RSVP to an event, Log In, Click on the Calendar event, Click on the Orange  RSVP  Button.



The App allows MEMBERS to see the calendared rides/events in list form, RSVP to rides/events, and produce a digital membership card for ride/event check-in. You can see the calendar of events on the website ( WITHOUT the app. You can RSVP to rides/events from the website, if you are LOGGED IN, WITHOUT the app.

The main purpose of the App is for Road Captains and Chapter Officers to check members into the Rides/Events. If you are not a Road Captain or Chapter Officer, you do NOT need the app, and if you choose to get it, your usage and functionality of the App will be minimal. It costs 99 cents.

To log in to the app, you must have first logged into the website, and set your password there. Choose ‘Cajun Chapter’ from the chapter list, and type in your email address and website password for your login credentials. You can find a link to the app at the bottom of ANY page on the website.


Facebook –

The purpose of this Social Media activity is to make others in the area aware of what we are doing as a Chapter. Already, in the month of January, we have reached quite a few people that were actively looking for groups to ride with. Most of them had purchased a bike from Cajun, and they were not aware of our Chapter, and our weekly activity.

Help us increase our Social Media reach by doing the following:

  1. LIKE & FOLLOW the Chapter Facebook Page.

  2. INVITE your (past, present, future) Motorcycle Riding Friends to the Page.

  3. LIKE the Chapter POSTS, likes and other actions drive visibility.

  4. TAG YOURSELF and/or OTHERS you know in the pictures!

  5. Click ‘INTERESTED’ on ALL EVENTS, even if you cannot attend.

    1. I have created events for the quarter (Jan-Mar), for 12+x ‘Saturday Rides’, 12+x ‘Sunday Rides’, 3x ‘LOH Meetings’, 3x ‘Chapter Meetings’

    2. Other events will be created as they come up.

  6. Click ‘GOING’ on the EVENTS you will attend.

  7. COMMENT on POSTS/EVENTS if you have anything to say or add.

    1. Great Ride”, “Awesome Bike”, “Great to see you”, “See you next weekend” etc. No matter how short or generic the comment is, comments and other actions drive visibility.

  8. SHARE the POSTS/EVENTS if you can. Sharing POSTS/EVENTS drive visibility.


Shadow Boxes/Bulletin Boards

In addition to the Facebook activity, when you are at the dealership, point out the bulletin boards to others in the customer lounge. We have two in that area, one is over the sofa between the windows, and the other is to the right of the coffee bar. There is a third in the HOG room, on the right, just past the men’s restroom.

Sarah and I are doing our best to post current information and pictures - highlighting Chapter Rides, Info & Activities - each month.

With a little participation from everyone, we can kick this year into overdrive - and have a lot of good times, exploring unknown roads and highways riding to great places with fun people - and creating new, lasting friendships!


Thanks for your help,
Jimmy Brown
Cajun HOG Chapter - Webmaster

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