Ride 365 - Submission Instructions

Ride 365 - Submission Instructions

There has been a lot of questions regarding the Harley Ride 365 program. Mostly, "How do I get Credit?" The short answer is "That depends!" The Program is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Mileage Recognition 
  2. Destination Challenges 
    1. Dealership Check-In 
    2. 50 Rides, One Nation 
    3. 10 Rides for 20/21

Mileage Recognition is the easiest to do, because it has to be done by the dealership. Simply fill out the Ride 365 Mileage Form, use your phone to take a clear picture of your odometer (to vaildate the mileage), and turn that in to [email protected]. She does the rest! We ask that you update your mileage monthly or quarterly throughout the year.

Destination Challenges are not quite as easy, but they are not hard once everything is set up. All destination challenges require a picture of YOU, your MOTORCYCLE, the DESTINATION, and current HOG/Enthusiast MAGAZINE COVER (See Example Pics Below). The magazine cover is what HOG uses to verify the picture is current, and not something from years past. Once you have the picture, 

  1. Go to www.H-D.com/Ride365.
  2. Click/Tap the 'Login to Ride 365' button.
  3. Login or 'Create Account' if it's your first time.
  4. Scroll down to choose 'Dealership Check-In', '10 Rides', or '50 Rides'.
    1. Click/Tap on 'View My Submissions' on the appropriate section.
  5. Click/Tap on 'Submit a Photo'.
  6. Click/Tap on the Image Upload Box - Select the pic you took.
  7. Put some details in the 'Tell Us Your Story' box. If it's a Dealership Check-in, I enter the dealership name, city and state. You are limited to 4000 characters!
    1. If it is a '10 Rides' or '50 Rides' photo, you HAVE to choose the appropriate State/Location in the 'Ride Completed' drop menu.
  8. Check the 'Agree to Terms & Conditions' Box.
  9. Click/Tap 'Submit'.

Usually within a day or two, your photo will be scored and if it is a '50 Rides' or '10 Rides' entry, you will receive the Digital Badge a few days later. The 50 Rides Challenge Coins and the 10 Rides Poker Chips are mailed out quarterly, after photo submission.

If you have any questions about any of the steps above, leave a comment down below. Your comments might help future edits to make it easier for the next person!

50 Rides, One Nation - Ohio, Triple Nickel
Required Site Sign (Hwy 555), Person, Bike, and Magazine

50 Rides, One Nation - Ohio, Triple Nickel


10 Rides for 20 - Black Mountain, Kentucky
Required Site Sign (Black Mountain Elevation), Person, Bike, and Magazine

10 Rides for 20 - Black Mountain, Kentucky


Dealership Check-In - Roadhouse H-D. Mt Vernon, IL
Dealership (Name Visible/Recognizable Building), Person, Bike, and Magazine

Dealership Check-In - Roadhouse HD; Mt Vernon, IL


2020 '50 Rides' Coins, '10 Rides' Chips, 'Dealership' Chips.

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Barry Broussard December 29, 2020


Great explanation Jimmy! Thank you for capturing the steps to help others in their Ride 365 journey. 

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Jimmy Brown December 29, 2020


My Pleasure!

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Randy Johntson January 02, 2021


Very nice job of breaking the process down for us


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Jimmy Brown January 04, 2021


Thanks Randy.