What do I Pack for a Long Motorcycle Trip

What do I Pack for a Long Motorcycle Trip

What do I Pack for a long Motorcycle Trip - (Taken from website: https://www.ridestopngo.com)

Things you will always pack

Going on a long trip “THINK” you are only going for 4-5 days, even if it is for 12-14+ days, just pack 5 pairs of socks and underwear. The only time we recommend packing more than the 4-5 day supply is when you know you are not going to be coming across a laundry mat. This advice is more directed at riders who motel/hotel it. The “Staples” you need to pack are:

  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Shirt; long sleeve and short
  • Toiletries
  • Comfy Clothes

Some things you may need depending on your destination:

  • Bathing suit
  • Shorts & tank top
  • Flip Flops
  • Long Johns
  • Hoodie
  • Outfit for going “out”

Listen Up Ladies

If you are going on a short weekend trip, think LESS IS MORE, take only 1 extra pair of shoes, pre-planning is a super idea. I know it can be devastating at first but as you go on more and more trips you will find that ONE pair of shoes that goes with everything for every occasion!! Programming yourself to think this way will make it easier for when you have to pack for the longer motorcycle trip! For all the lady passengers out there, we know you have to share your space with him, which means less room for the both of you, so think conservatively!

If you are motel/hotel-ing it, there will be a hair dryer there for you, so you don’t need to pack yours. Styling your hair every day may not need to be necessary:

  • If you have long hair- pony tail the whole trip, with a helmet on all day, you will look great!
  • If you have short hair – wear a bling head wrap, that’s what others will see first.
  • If you live where you don’t have to wear a helmet- braid your hair, wrap your head, let it blow in the wind, who cares you are out riding and not stuck in the office or house!

Do you really need all that makeup?

If you insist on bringing makeup, pack your favorite, go with everything products. LESS IS MORE! The key to packing less re-wearing your riding clothes, you will know when they need to be washed and I guarantee the open road doesn’t know or care you wore those jeans yesterday! Do what your Mom always told you, “Start the day with a clean pair of underwear and you will have a great day”!! At the end of your trip, you will know that you OVER PACKED, by the clothes you never wore, things you never used and over time you will pack less and less. We are at the point on a 2 week trip, we can share 1 T- Bag and still have room! That’s how easy it can be when you think “Less is More”.

Packing, Organizing and Separating

A few of the tricks we have discovered over time that make everything about traveling much easier:

  • Pack a couple extra plastic grocery bags, use them for storing dirty laundry and carrying to laundry mat.
  • Put liquids like shampoo, sunscreen, etc in Ziploc bags, pack a couple different sizes of extra Ziploc bags.
  • Put underwear, socks, bathing suit in a separate grocery bag, keep the undergarments together and bag neat.
  • Fold your clothes instead of rolling or stuffing them into your T-bag, yes men that is directed at you!
  • Don’t want your clothes to get wet, your T-bag is not water proof, line your T-bag with a black garbage bag, then pack all your clothes and articles inside.
  • If you are packing a computer, tablet etc with you, put them inside a Ziploc bag, DON’T seal it but fold it over, put all electronics in this Ziploc. If you don’t line your bag with a garbage back and your bag gets wet at least your electronics will be safe.
  • Put the item that you may need most on the top of your clothing, that extra sweat shirt or heated vest, so you are not totally unpacking your bag on the side of the road.

Packing More in your Saddle Bags

For the majority of riders what is in our saddle bags pretty much stays there all the time right:

  • Registration & Insurance (inside a ziploc bag)
  • Rain Gear
  • Extra glasses, for rain, dusk, night time
  • Tire pressure gauge, Bungee cords & straps
  • Do rag, touque, head wrap, gloves, hoodie
  • First aid kit, tool kit, Map, Duct tape
  • Micro Fibre Rags for washing or checking oil

For the longer trips you may want to add a few extra things:

  • Snacks, 5 hour Energy Shots
  • Jerry Can for fuel
  • Compact Tire Pump

Protecting your glasses inside your saddle bag with a SOCK???

For all your different types of glasses you carry with you, clear lens, yellow lens, transitional lens, goggles or any other style you have, not all come with a little protection bag so they bump around getting scratched. Use the lonely sock that no longer has a match, to protect and clean your glasses! The sock is soft to protect from scratching, good to clean glasses and if it does get wet, it will dry quickly.

Elaine Ducote
Safety Officer

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